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Email Accounts

Email Accounts

In addition to a domain name and website hosting, you will also require email accounts to run your business online.

Despite having websites, many companies still rely on free email providers and will have email addresses that end in,, or

If you want to look professional and stay one step ahead of your competition, then having email accounts that are attached to your domain name is essential. 

These take the form of [email protected] and the part before the @ symbol can be anything from your employees' names to more generic ones including hello@, help@ or accounts@.

We provide two levels of email accounts depending on your specific needs. All of the website hosting packages we offer include email accounts which can be accessed using POP3 or IMAP. We can also set up and configure cloud-based emails using Googles professional G Suite service.


POP3 and IMAP email accounts are very similar with the main difference being the way the emails are stored and how you access them.

With a POP3 email account, any new emails are directly downloaded to your device for you to view, at which point they are then completely removed them from the mail server. 

Whereas using an IMAP email account would mean you receive a copy of the new emails to your device while the original emails stay on your mail server. 

We highly recommend using IMAP as a way of ensuring all your devices are in sync with each other and you don't miss any important emails.

G Suite

Many people find that accessing their emails using IMAP is sufficient, however, using a professional cloud-based service such as Google's G Suite can have many benefits.

If you regularly send and receive large files with your emails you can quickly run out of space. This is immediately addressed through using G Suite as each user’s email account comes with 30GB of storage space with the ability to upgrade to more if required.

In addition to email accounts, you will also have access to Google's cloud-based tools available for businesses including word processing, spreadsheets and presentations.

Another advantage of using G Suite is that you can easily create and share contacts and calendars with other colleagues that are using the same G Suite account. 

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