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Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design

We're old enough to remember Teletext on your TV and text-only websites on your mobile phone. It was a time when one form of content or information had to be recreated in different ways for it to be displayed on a wide variety of devices. 

Thankfully time and technology have moved forward and now a website can be presented on many different devices and screen sizes without having to duplicate the website or have multiple versions of it.

Websites should respond to the screen size, platform and orientation of the user's device. This is what is known as responsive website design.

Previously the majority of users of a website would visit it using a desktop computer with the minority using mobile devices. In recent years these statistics have been turned on their head with mobile devices being the most common device on which to access content.

For this reason, we take a mobile-first approach when it comes to designing and developing websites. 

We will help you to understand your users, what devices they use to access your website and in what context. We then make sure we create a website that is appropriate for how your customers want to engage with you.

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