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Street & District Swimming Club

Formed in 1975, Street and District Swimming Club is one of the largest and most successful clubs in Somerset. The club aims to teach and coach swimming to a high level of competence and to enable children to enjoy a competitive swimming programme.  

Street and District Swimming Club wanted to make their club and competitive swimming programme more accessible to people looking for information about competitive swimming clubs online.

There was also a large range of tasks that their members would want to fulfil online. From viewing the latest calendar to recent results and reports, it was important that the new website would make these user goals easily achievable. 

The new website made use of their striking red and dark grey colour scheme which meant clear call-to-actions could easily be identified. We integrated Google Calendar into the new website as the club was already using that platform to manage their calendar of events.

With incredibly positive reviews, the new website has succeeded in their original aims and continues to be both updated and used on a daily basis.

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