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Domain Name Registration

Domain Name Registration

A domain name is the unique address of your website that people type into a web browser's address bar to access it. In its simplest form, it usually looks something like www.example.com.

If your website was your house, then your domain name would be the address that people would use to find it.

Every domain name is unique and no two websites can have the same one. A domain name can be any combination of letters and numbers, though it can sometimes be difficult to find one that hasn't already been registered by someone else. This is especially true if you are wanting to register a common name or phrase.

These combinations of letters and numbers can then be used with one of the various domain name extensions, such as .co.uk, .com or the newer .uk. Many more domain extensions exist ranging from .cafe to .yoga, but it's important to remember what your target audience may be familiar with and try to type in. 

We can help you choose the perfect domain name for your business and register it on your behalf. We will then manage the domain name for you and renew its registration each year.

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