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Information Architecture

Information Architecture

When we think of architecture we tend to think of structures and buildings. If you want to build a house that meets your needs, the starting point is usually an architect. 

Architecture can be applied not only to buildings but also to information. Just as an architect would ensure every wall and room had its purpose, the information on a website should be structured in a similar way.

Information architecture is all about clearly and logically organising information on a site. The purpose is to help users find information and complete tasks.

Time is one of the most precious resources humans have. When users arrive on your website, they expect to find the information they need or complete the relevant tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We can help you by categorising and structuring information, representing it in an appropriate manner and understanding how users will browse through or look for this information.

Key to this is having a thorough knowledge of your website users, your content and the context in which these are placed. 

Different users will have diverse needs, tasks to complete and experience. These will vary depending on context; from your own business goals to the technology your users employ and the culture in which they use it. The content on your website needs to be structured to take into account the context in which it is accessed and the intentions of your user.

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