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The breakdown of our climate is now a tangible threat to our way of life. Each year temperature records are broken, species diversity is decreased and extreme weather-related events are recorded. To stay silent about these issues is to be complicit. No company should exist at this present time without taking into consideration their impact on the environment.

Thankfully, as a digital service provider, we are already one step ahead than the majority of other companies. However, we cannot be complacent, and there are always things we can do as a company to positively impact the environment.

How we affect the environment and our ethics are at the heart of every business decision we make. From how we communicate with our clients to the energy we use. Below you can discover how we are making a positive change.


For many years now we have been a paper-free company as much as possible; we don't even have a printer. We send digital invoices to our clients and manage our accounts digitally. Our banking provider is completely digital and doesn't have physical branches. They even share similar ethical ideals with us.


Choosing a green energy provider makes one of the biggest differences when it comes to fighting climate change. We use Ecotricity as they are committed to using the money from our energy bills to develop new sources of green energy. They're also the only energy supplier in the UK that’s registered with The Vegan Society and Viva! to certify that the production of their electricity or gas doesn't involve the use of animals or animal by-products.

We are proud that the company we use to host our websites are also committed to the environment. In 2017 they became one of the first hosts to be powered by 100% renewable energy - no vague carbon offsets, just a direct relationship between their datacentre and Ecotricity.


Where possible, we try to work with clients who share the same ethos as us. Regrettably, we will not work with any companies that promote behaviour that is damaging to individuals (both human and non-human) and the environment. We are pleased to offer discounts for companies that are actively seeking to make positive change.


We love meeting our clients face-to-face and know that physical interaction is not only an important part of working relationships but also an important part of being human. We're also very much aware of the impact of travelling to meetings, especially by car.

For this reason, we try to conduct as much of our business online, as far as is practically possible. Google Meet, Zoom and Skype provide wonderful opportunities to 'meet' each other without having to burn fossil fuels. We have worked with numerous clients throughout the country and across the world without having ever physically met. 

Where we do meet with clients, we are fortunate enough to have a diverse range of coffee shops nearby that we often choose for a meeting and are happy to support. This also means that we can walk or arrive by bicycle!

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