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Is your website COVID-secure?

Is your website COVID-secure?

16 June 2020

Are you informing your customers about the measures you're taking to keep them safe?

You may be wondering how on Earth you can make your website COVID-secure, especially when the official government guidance for businesses was initially vague.

When we talk about making your website COVID-secure we're addressing how you can utilise your website to make your customers feel safe and increase the resilience of your business in future.

Making your customers feel safe

Businesses must carry out a risk assessment to prove they are COVID-19 secure and show how they will keep customers safe. Both the Health and Safety Executive and The Federation of Small Businesses have provided clear guidance on what businesses can do in these challenging circumstances.

From having separate entrances and exits to displaying signage to remind people to keep a 2m distance, there are a wide number of safety measures that can be employed. These will also vary from business to business depending on how much physical interaction you have with your customers.

Your customers will be regularly visiting your website to find out the latest information and it is therefore important that you share your safety measures with them.

Telling them about the risk assessment you have carried out to be COVID-19 secure and the safety procedures you have in place are going to be a vital reassurance for customers. By clearly making people aware of the new processes you have put in place to reopen your business you will increase trust, visits and ultimately sales.

Increasing the resilience of your business

Whether there will be another spike, at the time of writing, remains to be seen but it is important to ensure your business can grow with the changing conditions. Throughout lockdown, many businesses have been forced to adapt and evolve to continue operating.

Certain sectors, such as the hospitality industry including cafes, pubs and restaurants, are now offering takeaway services with many of them set to continue this long after lockdown restrictions are lifted as another stream of revenue.

Businesses have been creative where they have been unable to offer the same products or services that they usually would have done. Airbnb, for example, has added an entirely new Online Experiences section to their website featuring unique activities to do from home, including cooking experiences with world-renowned chefs.

Now is the opportune time to evaluate your business model and website to see how they can be changed to make sure your business can withstand a second spike or a future pandemic.

Contact us today to have an informal discussion about what changes can be made to your website to ensure that your business not only survives but also thrives.

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